Looking To Pass Your Test On First Try? Get Your Driver’s License

If you want your driving license Singapore ASAP then listen up closely.

Because I’m not going to repeat.

Just kidding, you can always re-read my post. Anyway here are some of the best driving tips I can provide you with.

a) Never ever suddenly let go of your accelerator or brake pedal. If you need to do so, ease up on it slowly, otherwise the car may jerk. This jerking of the car will mean that you get penalty points and you will stand a lower chance of getting your license on the first try.

b) Secondly, you do not want to be lazy – always make sure to press the release button on the hand brakes before pulling it up or pushing it down. This is a mistake I have seen even among experienced drivers, hence make sure not to do this. Not only will you incur penalty points during your driving test in Singapore, you would also spoil the car.

c) Make your physical checking for blind spot motions are exaggerated greatly during the examination. The tester cannot see your eyes moving, but he or she can see your head moving around to check. So it is necessary that you give them that assurance that you can constantly check your blind spots and rear and side view mirrors to stay safe. Even when you drive off from a stationary position, you still need to move your head to look into your rear view mirror. I know it sounds exaggerated but the driving tester will look at all such things. These are the minor things that most people miss out and cause themselves to get penalized and fail the Singapore driving test. Do not let this happen to you.

d) Next of all, you want to try to book your exam periods outside of peak hour periods (e.g. morning or late afternoon) as much as possible. This is because road conditions are usually very heavy during these periods of time and the chances of you panicking is much higher and that will affect your driving test results.