Good Mentor Good Student

If you want to learn anything, it is always better to find a good mentor to teach you. There is a saying that goes, “a good mentor will produce good students”.

And the above mentioned quote is especially true when it comes to driving skills and learning to drive. If you want to possess a set of amazing and competent driving techniques and improve your driving skills greatly and quickly in a short period of time you will need to find someone who is or has been a good professional racer, and who is able to teach well. This is because not everyone who can perform really well can teach well. I know this sounds odd but this is the case in driving. Some people are meant to teach while others are meant to simply perform. So you want to find someone who can teach really well and is competent as well.

In fact, if you are considering to learn from Singapore driving instructors, I highly recommend you consider finding a Singaporean private driving instructor instead of school drivers. Those are young people with not much experience – whereas private driving instructors in Singapore have at least 25 years of teaching experience ( because the Singapore traffic police stopped giving out driving instructor licenses since the 1980s and so the instructors who are remaining are very experienced and love what they are doing).

Do you want to learn from someone who just passed driving not too many years ago or would you rather learn from a pool of dedicated and super experienced drivers as well as private driving instructors?

What is more than that, is that these private driving instructors in Singapore are also much cheaper in terms of the rate that they charge per hour or per lesson for their driving lessons than schools. Is that awesome? Yes! In fact, you get a more experienced person teaching you for less – what kind of a no brainer question is this?

if you want to learn driving in Singapore today with an affordable budget and experienced tutors, then you definitely NEED and MUST at all costs sign up with a Singapore private driving instructor instead!

Easy Test

As a fellow Singaporean, I can safely say that Singaporeans have taken many tests in their life, virtually all of which are academic in nature. And this is the case for anybody who grows up in Singapore, whether local or not, (unless you went to an international school), spent 6 years in primary school, 4 years in secondary school, 2 to 3 years in junior colleges or polytechnics, and 3 to 4 years in universities to get a bachelor’s degree.

Even more time will be spent on taking examinations in your life if we want to pursue post graduate courses such as Master and PhD certification (although these are less popular in Singapore). People living in Singapore have spent so many years in school and in school, that to them, foreigners and Singaporeans alike, exams have truly become a norm and a seemingly normal part of their lives. Therefore, when you compare the Singapore driving test to the academic tests you take in schools and academies, it becomes relatively much easier.

If you are a hands on or practical kind of person, you will definitely think so too. In addition, driving has always felt very natural to me since I was a kid. I have always played computer driving games when I was young and have also constantly watched and emulated drivers as I used to sit beside the driver’s seat. Therefore, I really feel that it is much easier to understand and master than academic exams, simply because I have emulated them over many years of watching experienced drivers driving on the roads of Singapore.

Practice your driving consistently

So you have pass Singapore driving test already? Congrats! But that does not mean that you are necessarily a good driver on the road.

There are many (even experienced) drivers on the roads in Singapore who are clearly incompetent of driving under stress (e.g. when you see heavy traffic conditions or other cars being in extremely close proximity to you).

When you get your driving license in Singapore, it merely proves that you are able to meet the basic requirements to drive on the road. You are still a rookie driver. Do not get too carried out with this driving license as you will still need to polish up your driving skills and improve more and more till you are really a good driver on the road.

So this means that if you have access to a car, make sure to drive it at least once in a while so that you will still stay in the game when it comes to driving and be competent.

Additionally, there are several things that you will feel is ‘scary’ when you first drive by yourself on real roads – the main thing would be parking in narrow spaces. Even for perpendicular parking, some drivers start to panic (because if you learnt from a private driving instructor in Singapore, he or she would usually have instructed you to turn the side view mirror down to see the kerb e.t.c. but this is not the case in real life as there is no time for such things) and just fail to park into the parking space despite many attempts. Do you see the trouble now? I do. Hence you need constant practice and just overcome your fear – it is only in your mind.

With practice comes the skills. Do not get rusty with your driving due to very long period of not driving a car on the roads – be it a manual or auto transmission car. Consistency is the key to competent and safe driving on the roads of Singapore.

Driving License Singapore

Hello there, are you a foreigner or a local Singaporean looking to take driving test Singapore? If you are a foreigner, you need to first convert your license – if you are from certain countries such as USA. However, for foreigners yielding from other countries, chances are, you need to retake the entire examination process in Singapore before you are allowed to drive on the roads legally.

If you are a local Singaporean but have not taken any driving exams before, the following highlights the procedures you need to go through and some key points you need to take note before you can get your driving license Singapore.

1) First of all, you need to book for your basic theory test (test dates are generally 1 to 2 months later) and then take it and pass it. You have the choice of signing up for theory classes at the different driving schools to pass this test but it is a waste of effort and time and money. Just go to Popular, pick up a theory book and study it. You will pass as long as you memorize the stuff inside the book.

2) Now, after passing your basic theory test, you want to quickly and immediately apply for your final theory test on the same day you pass your BTT. This is because the waiting time is once again 1 to 2 months long and you need to wait anyway so just apply for it right away and as soon as possible.

3) Next of all, you want to apply for a provisional driving license (PDL) in Singapore. This is immediate and costs $25 and which will last you for 6 months. This means that if you pass your driving test only 6 months after you apply for your PDL, you need to re apply for it and pay $25. So make sure to get a good private driving instructor to give you Singapore driving lessons and pass your driving test on the first try.

4) Learn your practical lessons.

5) Pass your final theory test and book your practical exam right away.

6) Pass your practical exam. You would get your Singapore driving license then!

Looking To Pass Your Test On First Try? Get Your Driver’s License

If you want your driving license Singapore ASAP then listen up closely.

Because I’m not going to repeat.

Just kidding, you can always re-read my post. Anyway here are some of the best driving tips I can provide you with.

a) Never ever suddenly let go of your accelerator or brake pedal. If you need to do so, ease up on it slowly, otherwise the car may jerk. This jerking of the car will mean that you get penalty points and you will stand a lower chance of getting your license on the first try.

b) Secondly, you do not want to be lazy – always make sure to press the release button on the hand brakes before pulling it up or pushing it down. This is a mistake I have seen even among experienced drivers, hence make sure not to do this. Not only will you incur penalty points during your driving test in Singapore, you would also spoil the car.

c) Make your physical checking for blind spot motions are exaggerated greatly during the examination. The tester cannot see your eyes moving, but he or she can see your head moving around to check. So it is necessary that you give them that assurance that you can constantly check your blind spots and rear and side view mirrors to stay safe. Even when you drive off from a stationary position, you still need to move your head to look into your rear view mirror. I know it sounds exaggerated but the driving tester will look at all such things. These are the minor things that most people miss out and cause themselves to get penalized and fail the Singapore driving test. Do not let this happen to you.

d) Next of all, you want to try to book your exam periods outside of peak hour periods (e.g. morning or late afternoon) as much as possible. This is because road conditions are usually very heavy during these periods of time and the chances of you panicking is much higher and that will affect your driving test results.

Good Parking Skills

Do you really, honestly think that you have truly good parking skills?

Are you sure? Really? Go back to learning driving… and go get more driving lessons by private driving instructors, because you’ve got nothing on these people 😛

These videos of people driving very well and parking even better really amazes me, and yes I have a healthy obsession with parallel parking. That is because I think it is one of the hardest skills ever to learn for driving and the fact that there are people who do it with ease means that it is actually very possible to drive at that level of competence as well with enough hard work (because driving is not sports and you do not need talent – you just need superb hand eye coordination, fast reaction time and a willingness to work very hard.)

Moving on to driving lessons in Singapore – the main difference between private driving instructors can do and schools such as Comfort Delgro Driving Center at Ubi, Singapore Safety Driving Center at Woodlands or Bukit Batok Driving Center is that private driving instructors (who do not belong to any of those schools but are instead independent driving instructors) are able to fully cater their teaching to your learning speed and curve.

There are a few benefits to private driving instructors in Singapore which will potentially help you become more like the competent and expert drivers I constantly share with you on my blog.

– They are dedicated to you. Instead of driving schools where your teacher will be rotated around and you get different people teaching you each time, when it comes to private driving instructors, they will stick with you all the way until your Singapore driving test.

– You will also be using the exact same car for your examinations, which means that you have one less variable to worry about to pass your driving test.

– They are definitely much more affordable in terms of their prices and so you would save quite a bit when you learn from them.

– Singapore private driving instructors also have no minimum amount of driving lessons necessary before you can go for your examinations; this is unlike schools. Hence, you get to save even more money! How awesome is this!

In short, I simply love learning from private driving instructors as they are more affordable and teach students much better and give a higher chance at getting the Singapore driving license on the first attempt at the Traffic Police practical test.

Bad Parking

Now we are back once again  at people with poor driving skills (not really), but just take a quick look at the image below.

There are no lines on the roads for the parking lots and you can clearly see how bad their parking it.

Not that you can blame them since there are really no parking lines on the ground and it can get really difficult if there are no lines (this is evident even in Singapore so stop laughing). This is especially the case for car parks near sea side restaurants in Singapore such as Jumbo e.t.c.

What does that show? People are dumb? 😛

I think they should get more driving test tips.

Do you want to know why? This is because although there are no parking lines, if you looked, the sides of the car park is actually straight and not curved or circular or some nonsense. This means that you simply need to be perpendicular to the sides of the car park. So it really amazes me beyond the wildest of my imaginations that there are still drivers who can park so horribly like that shown in the picture below.

funny parking

Then again, maybe this is the car park for the huge mansion sitting in the background of the image on the right.

However, nonetheless, it is still a good thing though that Singapore car parks almost always have parking lines, or I am sure, that even with the stringent checks before passing a driver on his or her test, Singapore drivers would still park like how the drivers in the picture on the right would. It is just human to do that.

Truck Parking?

I thought this video looked really cool since it’s of a TRUCK parking instead of the usual plain old cars parking. Yes, yes, yes, here is my fourth post on parking and I may be getting a little obsessive about this but I think it’s one of the hardest driving skills to master (versus driving on a straight road) so I like to share about it.

But this is of a huge truck! I mean, this is potentially class 5 driving license parking and the driver in the following video performs it super well. (take note though for excited people who are looking to buy your next truck – although the title of the video says Volvo truck driver, the truck does not belong to Volvo. This is a mistake made by the creator of the video)

However, ignore that and just watch his incredible driving skills. Incredible indeed. Respect LOL. I wondered how he practised though.

It really is pretty amazing, I believe he must have taken his driving lessons in Singapore as there are also some driving schools in Singapore which teach people how to drive cars as well as trucks (although of course, the costs and frequency of lessons and test elements would be vastly different).

A few things to note if you want to drive vehicles as large as that shown in the video below in Singapore:

– It should be considered a class 5 vehicle, and you need to first pass a class 3 typical car driving license in Singapore (you can take lessons from private driving instructors)

– After you achieve pass on your Singapore driving test and get your license, you will now need to take class 4 license at driving schools (Ubi, Bukit Batok, Woodlands) Class 4 vehicles are small trucks and mini buses

– After you pass that class 4 driving test in Singapore, then it is time to take on the big toys such as vehicles like the truck shown below (sometimes known as 18 wheeler in Singapore)

Learn Driving Well

Now that we have seen the best drivers in the world in my previous 2 posts and the videos I shared within, now it is time to see some bad examples of drivers so you will quickly know what are bad practices and what are the things you should not do when parking a car (after all, most car accidents happen either on the freeway in Singapore or at car parks where speed of cars is high or other cars are in extremely close proximity.

Look at the parking video below. Please learn your driving well or get more driving lessons and practise a lot in simulated places without real cars beside you – such as during your driving lessons in Singapore’s circuits. Regardless whether you think you can take the exam, please request your private driving instructor to book more circuit driving lessons for you to familiarize yourself with parking so that you will never experience problems like the one shown in the video below. (This is because some people somehow perform really well during the exam but panic in real life after getting their Singapore driving license and then cause car accidents to happen which can be really costly in Singapore with the relatively high COE prices)

Please do not be like these jokers in the video above -.-

Make sure to learn parking properly. This is a key skill you NEED to know. It is not even something which you can avoid – such as driving around a roundabout. This is because driving maneuvers for roundabouts are much rarer and may not be easily found in Singapore. However, parking is necessary regardless if you stay in a colossal mansion at Nassim Singapore or a small HDB estate in Tampines..

Michele’s Driving Skills

Just watch the following video. In my previous post, I talked about how parallel parking is difficult and in this following video a woman (surprise! lady driver) manages to do it with ease (and she is a regular person, not a stunt driver, which makes it all the more amazing).

Looking at the following driving video, I simply applaud Michele’s driving.

She probably had like the best private driving instructor LOL. Just kidding. Maybe she was talented.

Clearly, she listened well to her instructor and practised even more to get to this level of skill… I mean, I have parked in tight places and driven off easily and relatively quickly as well. But looking at the space in the video shown below, it is an entirely different ball game – it requires an extremely talented driver who has constant practice to achieve it. The best part of all is that even though there are signals for parking in the car, it still is not easy – anybody with a driving license will tell you that too.

I guess she can go out there and challenge the world record I shared with you in my previous post. She is crazily good at driving!

Do you know that if you learn driving in Singapore, the parallel parking test element will not even look close to anything like the above video? I am not referring only to the distance between the cars, but I am referring to the ‘obstacles’. In fact, when you take your Singapore driving test to get your license, you will only be trying to park your car in between two kerbs, one in front of your car and the other behind. It is really relatively simple to pass your driving exam in Singapore.