Good Parking Skills

Do you really, honestly think that you have truly good parking skills?

Are you sure? Really? Go back to learning driving… and go get more driving lessons by private driving instructors, because you’ve got nothing on these people ūüėõ

These videos of people driving very well and parking even better really amazes me, and yes I have a healthy obsession with parallel parking. That is because I think it is one of the hardest skills ever to learn for driving and the fact that there are people who do it with ease means that it is actually very possible to drive at that level of competence as well with enough hard work (because driving is not sports and you do not need talent Рyou just need superb hand eye coordination, fast reaction time and a willingness to work very hard.)

Moving on to driving lessons in Singapore Рthe main difference between private driving instructors can do and schools such as Comfort Delgro Driving Center at Ubi, Singapore Safety Driving Center at Woodlands or Bukit Batok Driving Center is that private driving instructors (who do not belong to any of those schools but are instead independent driving instructors) are able to fully cater their teaching to your learning speed and curve.

There are a few benefits to private driving instructors in Singapore which will potentially help you become more like the competent and expert drivers I constantly share with you on my blog.

– They are dedicated to you. Instead of driving schools where your teacher will be rotated around and you get different people teaching you each time, when it comes to private driving instructors, they will stick with you all the way until your Singapore driving test.

РYou will also be using the exact same car for your examinations, which means that you have one less variable to worry about to pass your driving test.

– They are definitely much more affordable in terms of their prices and so you would save quite a bit when you learn from them.

–¬†Singapore private driving instructors also have no minimum amount of driving lessons necessary before you can go for your examinations; this is unlike schools. Hence, you get to save even more money! How awesome is this!

In short, I simply love learning from private driving instructors as they are more affordable and teach students much better and give a higher chance at getting the Singapore driving license on the first attempt at the Traffic Police practical test.

Hardest Parallel Parking Ever!

Well if you know how to drive, or are a learner student in Singapore taking parallel parking driving lessons, you will certainly know how difficult parallel parking can be. In fact, it is arguably the hardest driving skill to master.

However, as with all things difficult, there will be people in the world to solve that with ease. As if parallel parking by itself was not hard enough, here comes the Guinness World Record to blow everyone away.

The following video of the Guinness World Records will amaze you with the guy’s phenomenal¬†driving skills. If he became a private driving instructor in Singapore, all the students he teach would pass the driving test on the first try – guaranteed.

If only everyone of us had 25% of his skills.

For those of you who are marveling at the above video or find it amazing – you do not know how hard it is still if you do not yet have a Singapore driving license.

A good place to learn this would be at Singapore as there are many top driving instructors in Singapore on top of having well qualified driving instructors (mainly because the Singapore Traffic Police have very stringent requirements for these instructors). Thus it is a great idea to get private driving instructors in Singapore.

In places such as at Ubi, Woodlands and Bukit Batok, there are a ton of experienced private driving instructors who teach new students who have not learnt driving before.

Even if you have learnt driving before, there are also refresher courses for those who wish to re-familiarize – as parallel parking is a tough skill for people to master even if they have a driving license already – I speak from personal experience.

Hence, if you have gotten your license a long time ago but finally got a car for yourself now, then go for Singapore refresher driving lessons.