Truck Parking?

I thought this video looked really cool since it’s of a TRUCK parking instead of the usual plain old cars parking. Yes, yes, yes, here is my fourth post on parking and I may be getting a little obsessive about this but I think it’s one of the hardest driving skills to master (versus driving on a straight road) so I like to share about it.

But this is of a huge truck! I mean, this is potentially class 5 driving license parking and the driver in the following video performs it super well. (take note though for excited people who are looking to buy your next truck – although the title of the video says Volvo truck driver, the truck does not belong to Volvo. This is a mistake made by the creator of the video)

However, ignore that and just watch his incredible driving skills. Incredible indeed. Respect LOL. I wondered how he practised though.

It really is pretty amazing, I believe he must have taken his driving lessons in Singapore as there are also some driving schools in Singapore which teach people how to drive cars as well as trucks (although of course, the costs and frequency of lessons and test elements would be vastly different).

A few things to note if you want to drive vehicles as large as that shown in the video below in Singapore:

– It should be considered a class 5 vehicle, and you need to first pass a class 3 typical car driving license in Singapore (you can take lessons from private driving instructors)

– After you achieve pass on your Singapore driving test and get your license, you will now need to take class 4 license at driving schools (Ubi, Bukit Batok, Woodlands) Class 4 vehicles are small trucks and mini buses

– After you pass that class 4 driving test in Singapore, then it is time to take on the big toys such as vehicles like the truck shown below (sometimes known as 18 wheeler in Singapore)