Bad Parking

Now we are back once again  at people with poor driving skills (not really), but just take a quick look at the image below.

There are no lines on the roads for the parking lots and you can clearly see how bad their parking it.

Not that you can blame them since there are really no parking lines on the ground and it can get really difficult if there are no lines (this is evident even in Singapore so stop laughing). This is especially the case for car parks near sea side restaurants in Singapore such as Jumbo e.t.c.

What does that show? People are dumb? 😛

I think they should get more driving test tips.

Do you want to know why? This is because although there are no parking lines, if you looked, the sides of the car park is actually straight and not curved or circular or some nonsense. This means that you simply need to be perpendicular to the sides of the car park. So it really amazes me beyond the wildest of my imaginations that there are still drivers who can park so horribly like that shown in the picture below.

funny parking

Then again, maybe this is the car park for the huge mansion sitting in the background of the image on the right.

However, nonetheless, it is still a good thing though that Singapore car parks almost always have parking lines, or I am sure, that even with the stringent checks before passing a driver on his or her test, Singapore drivers would still park like how the drivers in the picture on the right would. It is just human to do that.

Learn Driving Well

Now that we have seen the best drivers in the world in my previous 2 posts and the videos I shared within, now it is time to see some bad examples of drivers so you will quickly know what are bad practices and what are the things you should not do when parking a car (after all, most car accidents happen either on the freeway in Singapore or at car parks where speed of cars is high or other cars are in extremely close proximity.

Look at the parking video below. Please learn your driving well or get more driving lessons and practise a lot in simulated places without real cars beside you – such as during your driving lessons in Singapore’s circuits. Regardless whether you think you can take the exam, please request your private driving instructor to book more circuit driving lessons for you to familiarize yourself with parking so that you will never experience problems like the one shown in the video below. (This is because some people somehow perform really well during the exam but panic in real life after getting their Singapore driving license and then cause car accidents to happen which can be really costly in Singapore with the relatively high COE prices)

Please do not be like these jokers in the video above -.-

Make sure to learn parking properly. This is a key skill you NEED to know. It is not even something which you can avoid – such as driving around a roundabout. This is because driving maneuvers for roundabouts are much rarer and may not be easily found in Singapore. However, parking is necessary regardless if you stay in a colossal mansion at Nassim Singapore or a small HDB estate in Tampines..