Easy Test

As a fellow Singaporean, I can safely say that Singaporeans have taken many tests in their life, virtually all of which are academic in nature. And this is the case for anybody who grows up in Singapore, whether local or not, (unless you went to an international school), spent 6 years in primary school, 4 years in secondary school, 2 to 3 years in junior colleges or polytechnics, and 3 to 4 years in universities to get a bachelor’s degree.

Even more time will be spent on taking examinations in your life if we want to pursue post graduate courses such as Master and PhD certification (although these are less popular in Singapore). People living in Singapore have spent so many years in school and in school, that to them, foreigners and Singaporeans alike, exams have truly become a norm and a seemingly normal part of their lives. Therefore, when you compare the Singapore driving test to the academic tests you take in schools and academies, it becomes relatively much easier.

If you are a hands on or practical kind of person, you will definitely think so too. In addition, driving has always felt very natural to me since I was a kid. I have always played computer driving games when I was young and have also constantly watched and emulated drivers as I used to sit beside the driver’s seat. Therefore, I really feel that it is much easier to understand and master than academic exams, simply because I have emulated them over many years of watching experienced drivers driving on the roads of Singapore.

Practice your driving consistently

So you have pass Singapore driving test already? Congrats! But that does not mean that you are necessarily a good driver on the road.

There are many (even experienced) drivers on the roads in Singapore who are clearly incompetent of driving under stress (e.g. when you see heavy traffic conditions or other cars being in extremely close proximity to you).

When you get your driving license in Singapore, it merely proves that you are able to meet the basic requirements to drive on the road. You are still a rookie driver. Do not get too carried out with this driving license as you will still need to polish up your driving skills and improve more and more till you are really a good driver on the road.

So this means that if you have access to a car, make sure to drive it at least once in a while so that you will still stay in the game when it comes to driving and be competent.

Additionally, there are several things that you will feel is ‘scary’ when you first drive by yourself on real roads – the main thing would be parking in narrow spaces. Even for perpendicular parking, some drivers start to panic (because if you learnt from a private driving instructor in Singapore, he or she would usually have instructed you to turn the side view mirror down to see the kerb e.t.c. but this is not the case in real life as there is no time for such things) and just fail to park into the parking space despite many attempts. Do you see the trouble now? I do. Hence you need constant practice and just overcome your fear – it is only in your mind.

With practice comes the skills. Do not get rusty with your driving due to very long period of not driving a car on the roads – be it a manual or auto transmission car. Consistency is the key to competent and safe driving on the roads of Singapore.