Good Mentor Good Student

If you want to learn anything, it is always better to find a good mentor to teach you. There is a saying that goes, “a good mentor will produce good students”.

And the above mentioned quote is especially true when it comes to driving skills and learning to drive. If you want to possess a set of amazing and competent driving techniques and improve your driving skills greatly and quickly in a short period of time you will need to find someone who is or has been a good professional racer, and who is able to teach well. This is because not everyone who can perform really well can teach well. I know this sounds odd but this is the case in driving. Some people are meant to teach while others are meant to simply perform. So you want to find someone who can teach really well and is competent as well.

In fact, if you are considering to learn from Singapore driving instructors, I highly recommend you consider finding a Singaporean private driving instructor instead of school drivers. Those are young people with not much experience – whereas private driving instructors in Singapore have at least 25 years of teaching experience ( because the Singapore traffic police stopped giving out driving instructor licenses since the 1980s and so the instructors who are remaining are very experienced and love what they are doing).

Do you want to learn from someone who just passed driving not too many years ago or would you rather learn from a pool of dedicated and super experienced drivers as well as private driving instructors?

What is more than that, is that these private driving instructors in Singapore are also much cheaper in terms of the rate that they charge per hour or per lesson for their driving lessons than schools. Is that awesome? Yes! In fact, you get a more experienced person teaching you for less – what kind of a no brainer question is this?

if you want to learn driving in Singapore today with an affordable budget and experienced tutors, then you definitely NEED and MUST at all costs sign up with a Singapore private driving instructor instead!

Learn Driving Well

Now that we have seen the best drivers in the world in my previous 2 posts and the videos I shared within, now it is time to see some bad examples of drivers so you will quickly know what are bad practices and what are the things you should not do when parking a car (after all, most car accidents happen either on the freeway in Singapore or at car parks where speed of cars is high or other cars are in extremely close proximity.

Look at the parking video below. Please learn your driving well or get more driving lessons and practise a lot in simulated places without real cars beside you – such as during your driving lessons in Singapore’s circuits. Regardless whether you think you can take the exam, please request your private driving instructor to book more circuit driving lessons for you to familiarize yourself with parking so that you will never experience problems like the one shown in the video below. (This is because some people somehow perform really well during the exam but panic in real life after getting their Singapore driving license and then cause car accidents to happen which can be really costly in Singapore with the relatively high COE prices)

Please do not be like these jokers in the video above -.-

Make sure to learn parking properly. This is a key skill you NEED to know. It is not even something which you can avoid – such as driving around a roundabout. This is because driving maneuvers for roundabouts are much rarer and may not be easily found in Singapore. However, parking is necessary regardless if you stay in a colossal mansion at Nassim Singapore or a small HDB estate in Tampines..